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Rainbow Centric Circle Deco Shapes || Deco Shapes Collection


Huge variety of rainbow centric deco shapes. It has multiple layers perfect for layering. A great colorful addition for deco, pen paling, journaling, polcos, and many more!  


Large Circles Sheet: ~4.6” X 6.6”

Small Circle Sheet: ~3.2” X 4.2”


Large Rectangles and Squares Sheet: ~4.6” X 6.6”

Small Rectangles and Squares Sheet: ~3.2” X 4.5”


Large Geometric Sheet: ~4.6” X 6.6”

Small Geometric Sheet: ~3.2” X 4.5”


The white lines indicate the cut around each shape. 


- Vinyl sticker with a matte finish

- Durable material with strong adhesion 

Rainbow Centric Deco Shapes

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